Sicce Syncra 5.0 Aquarium Pump 1321gph



The Syncra Silent is new range of energy efficient pumps that is absolutely silent. Don't be fooled - these pumps are powerful and versatile. Ideal for fresh and salt water aquariums protein skimmers indoor fountains water-cooling and all submersible and in-line applications which require high performance and total silence. Thanks to Sicce's 35 years of experience Syncra Silent are equipped with a synchronous motor and an advanced rotor which makes the pumps 100-percent silent. 6-feet cord ceramic shaft and bearings 1321gph adjustable flow rate. Multi size barb fittings included.

Sicce Syncra 5.0 Aquarium Pump 1321gph-その他

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Sicce Syncra 5.0 Aquarium Pump 1321gph-その他

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