バービー Hollywood プレミア Hollywood ムービースター コレクション コレクターズエディション 131002fnp



Barbie is ready for the premiere of her latest fabulous film in this first doll in the Hollywood Movie Star Collection series. For this special evening Barbie is dressed like Marilyn Monroe, with her platinum blonde hair in a short cut with backswept bangs and flipped-up curls in the back. Barbie has deep burgundy lipstick, blue eyes with long, painted eyelashes, and a tiny beauty mark next to one eye. Her form-fitting, mermaid-style gown is made of iridescent white fabric woven in a tiny checked pattern that sparkles and reflects the lights of the photographers. The dress's design includes transparent white fabric for the high neckline and sleeves, and features a strapless top effect with the heavier fabric, and a long flared skirt that flows around Barbie's white spike heels. She also has a long, faux fur stole lined in white satin and her own white display stand. And because diamonds are a girl's best friend, Barbie wears faux diamond earrings and a dazzling necklace. Toss that stole over your shoulders, Barbie, your limousine awaits!

?Hollywood Movie Star Collection portrays the thrilling career and dramatic personal life of legendary film star, Barbie.

バービー Hollywood プレミア Hollywood ムービースター コレクション コレクターズエディション 131002f-人形

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バービー Hollywood プレミア Hollywood ムービースター コレクション コレクターズエディション 131002f-人形

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